Breast Cancer

Breast cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the commonest cancer in the world today. It isn’t a death sense either. Improvements in early detection and treatment of breast cancer have led to an increasing number of breast cancer survivors who are at risk of long-term cardiac complications from cancer treatments.

We strongly advise women of all ages; from puberty to constantly go for a check. The easy way to detect Breast Cancer is the appearance of a Lump. Because breast tissue is naturally lumpy, the key sign to watch for is a change in texture. A lump or mass that feels different from other breast tissue could be a sign of breast cancer (but it could also be a sign of a benign breast condition, such as a cyst or fibroadenoma).

It’s important to note that these symptoms can be caused by conditions other than breast cancer. One example is breast pain, which is more often caused by a benign breast condition than cancer.

The only way to know for sure – and receive the earliest possible diagnosis – is to have these symptoms promptly evaluated by a physician.

Ensure to Visit a physician every 90 days for a check. Contact us