Azir Health Care

Our Vision

To be a foremost private hospital providing excellent, yet affordable clinical care.

Our Hospital

Our Medical care entails caring for non-surgical needs of patients. It involves treating patients with drugs and other xenobiotics without any major invasive procedures. Doctors in this unit are called physicians. The sub-speciality areas include neurology (the nervous system), pulmonology (the respiratory system), cardiology (the heart and blood vessels), gastroenterology (the digestive system), nephrology (kidneys and urinary tract- the renal system), dermatology (the skin and related structures), and endocrinology (the hormones).

Our Services

We diagnose and treat various medical conditions at AZIR Hospital. Medical conditions such as severe hypertension, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, renal injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease etcetera are reviewed and managed by experienced physicians. General outpatient, geriatric care, peadiatric care, obstetrics and gneacological care , surgical and orthopedic care"​

Different.. Unique

We have different


Come with your HMO cards. We are registered with have different Health Management organizations.

  • Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASMA)
  • AxaMandard
  • LifeWorth HMO
  • Roding HMO
  • Bastion HMO and more.
"I just can't thank enough each and everyone of the staff for all of their dedication. I was very impressed with the dignity and respect with which the nursing staff treated me during my stay".
Mrs Balogun Aminat
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